Welcome to SagetoSuMMit Running Club!

Why do you run? An excellent form of exercise. Competition. To stay at the top of your game. Weight loss. Better moods. The high you get when you reach your goal. To get away!

Running for me is a passion. I enjoy it. And I want you to experience that too. Running to the power of two. Motivation from aside. Join our group and experience motivation in numbers! We can all benefit each other. All ages are welcome, all levels are welcome. Men and women, running strollers, whatever your reason to run, let's do it together! Fantastic BABYSITTERS provided on occasion! Enjoy race discounts and sports store discounts. We'll keep you informed about upcoming races and set goals together. We'll send out regular emails with running dates, times and locations. $20 annual membership gets you an awesome shirt! Or buy an ultralight microfiber moisture management shirt for $15 more. See below for sign up information.

(NEW) Sage to SuMMit Club T-Shirts

These shirts are for both club members and non-club members. You can pick up this new totally awesome T-Shirt for $10 buckaroos. I won't promise that the shirt will help you run a 4 minute mile, but you'll sure look good doing it.